December 10, 2007

MC MC down with the D o' C

My brain is leaking out with my sinuses right now in the course of my first confrontation with red-blooded American germs since returning to the States, so this may be a decision I will someday look back upon with total bewilderment, but I've just signed on to enter the glamorous world of the Washington D.C. intern this coming January.

All jokes aside the work sounds great and the only downside would be that the stipend for full-time works out to about half the federal hourly minimum wage, which means approximately .. 120% of my monthly income will be devoted solely to apartment rents. But this was actually, believe it or not, the better-paying of the two options potentially available to me at the moment, in addition to offering what seems like a really good work environment and the chance to do some real research (which will hopefully spill over into this blog). So it's crushing debt ahoy! for me. Good thing I, uh, didn't blow my entire post-JET savings on seven weeks of round-the-world travel.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to celebrate with tissues and more OJ-and-lemon juice.