June 03, 2006

We Need Kiss

So after thinking it over for a while and skimming some camera review sites I recently decided that the time has come for a camera upgrade. I held of on actually making the purchase for a while, but this weekend I talked myself into finally going through with it, hence:

The Canon Kiss Digital N is identical to the Digital Rebel XT or 350D models sold in the USA and Europe, respectively, with the exception that it has a much lamer name, and a band of young kids wearing KISS makeup in the ads for it.

Other than that it seemed like a pretty good camera, so today I went in and plunked down about 110,000 yen for one, together with a gig's worth of memory.

Eh, won't be needing this...


I bought the Canon kit lens, which could prove to be a mistake at some point given that many people on Flickr appear to be less than complementary towards it. As may be, I've never taken a photography class in my life and still have only a vague notion of what I'm doing, so for the moment I decided to spare my bank account the impact of a high-class lens and instead stuck with the default package.

With luck, I will someday be able take the kind of pictures that might actually begin to justify this thing's cost. Here's a start — you can be the judge.


Laura in Zed said...

I cannot believe Gene Simmons isn't in the ads himself, as he has taken a from the cradle to the grave approach to merchandising. You can buy everything from KISS condoms to coffins. Still I can't believe you took pictures of your camera.

MC Master Chef said...

Perhaps Gene is raising these hellions as his future replacements, I couldn't speculate.

And yeah, well, I needed to fill some space.